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  • Recommend a venue

Help Ali to find the best venues in UAE.
Become part of the community by recommending a venue.
Simply mention the venu name, address and a contact info.
Ali will read all recommendations. After Ali visits the venue and if approved!, it will be added to AskAli Radar App.

  • Find the BEST

    YES! AskAliRadar holds the BEST venues in United Arab Emirates.

  • Accessible Database

    You can access the venue database, anywhere, anytime.

  • Full search

    Simple and effective directory structural navigation for ease of use and fast access to venues.

  • Business Gadget

    You are not listed? No worry! You can advertise to thousands of users.

  • Fast

    The best available way that helps you find the best venue, FAST!

  • Contniuous Development

    Ali Alsaloom will never stop improving the Radar! Stay tuned for upcoming surprises!

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